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Mobile content fraud – part 2

I just called AT&T about these charges.  He refunded the $10.67 I was charged, and cancelled the subscription. He told me that the charge was added by Verisign – confirming my googled knowledge that Jamster is at least partially owned by Verisign.  So… yet another reason to dislike Verisign. He also added a purchase control… Read More »

Mobile content company cell phone scams

Gather round, it’s story time! Back in August 2008 I upgraded my AT&T plan from a single line to a five-line family plan.  On my second bill (dated Oct 5, 2008), one of the lines showed a charge like this: “Flycell”… Mblox… $10.66 I called up my sister-in-law and asked her whether she had solicited… Read More »