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I saw one of Apple’s (presumably) new PC vs Mac ads today.  (Some of you are going to say “that’s not new”.  I don’t watch much TV, so it may as well be.)  The ad in question is the one with the guy that plays Putty in Seinfeld.

A girl is looking for a new computer.  She lists off a bunch of features she wants; Putty (the PC) says he has them.

Then, the kicker: “I don’t want to have to deal with thousands of viruses.”

Putty says “Oh.  Well all PCs have that.”  Unsurprisingly, she says she’ll just get a Mac.

What’s wrong with this picture?  Oh yeah.  “Thousands of viruses.”  Really?  When was the last time you encountered a computer that had thousands of viruses on it?  Even if you can think of a time, I’ll bet the user was doing something completely and utterly moronic (like installing every pirated program in sight, or surfing porn sites, or opening every spam e-mail, or… you get the idea).

Guess what?  Macs won’t protect stupid users from doing stupid things.  There are viruses out there for OSX, using the same tactics that they’re using for stupid PC users.

My Windows machines never get viruses.  Sure, I run Avast! Antivirus, but I doubt I need it.  It’s more a formality than anything.  Want to know my secret?

I’m not a moron. I don’t follow links in spam e-mail or seedy websites.  I don’t visit porn sites.  I don’t install pirated software.  Basically, I employ a little thing called “common sense”.

I can’t say I blame Apple for exploiting America’s obvious lack of this essential skill, but I’m still allowed to be annoyed by it.  My rage is more directed at American stupidity than Apple’s slightly deceptive or misleading advertising.

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Time snafu

It seems the time zone wasn’t set correctly on my server, and I have no idea what the timestamps on the last three posts should have been.  I changed them based on how wrong I think the server’s setting was, but I can’t reconcile the times I ended up with with what my memory tells me about when I wrote them.

Rather than try to figure it out, I’m just going to leave them the way they are.

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C&C 4’s title

For years, C&C fans have referred to the closing chapter of the Tiberian saga as “Tiberian Twilight”.  No, I mean literally.  Nearly a decade.  Back in April 2000,’s Tiberian Twilight page said the following:

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberian Twilight will be the third game in the C&C trilogy. Westwood hasn’t given any official word on the game yet

So it came as a surprise almost a month ago when EA announced a “Name the Game” contest for C&C4.  I’ll quote the PlanetCNC post:

The final winner will be chosen based on three criteria:

  1. Creativity
  2. Originality
  3. Relevance to the plot

It would seem that the first two criteria effectively eliminate the possibility of Tiberian Twilight being chosen…

I submitted a pair of entries.  I forget what they were; it’s not really relevant.  Imagine my surprise when today I see the following picture on the official CommandCom blog of the unveiling of the new name:


Notice anything about that picture?  Maybe the title of the game?

Yeah.  It’s the one that was essentially disqualified from the contest.  EA, what was the point of having the contest in the first place if you were just going to use the name you basically said you weren’t going to use?

What was the point of promising a reward for choosing a unique, creative name and having it chosen for the game, if you weren’t going to choose anyone’s entry anyway?

I feel vaguely insulted.

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About Me

I’ve added an “About Me” page which is, of course, all about me.  It’s not complete, and I doubt it ever will be, but I’ll try to keep it updated over time.  It’s always fun when someone says “I’m 24″ on their About page, but it was last edited six years ago.  I’ll try to avoid that.

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std::cout << “Hello, World!” << std::endl;

Ok, so that title is a little lame.  I’m a nerdy programmer, what can I say?

Welcome to Ordering Disorder, a blog intended to… order disorder.  No, not that kind of order – I’m not selling disorder, or buying it.  I’m taking disorder and making sense out of it – I’m putting it in order.

Actually I’m not just taking disorder, I’m making it.  Unintentionally.  My mind sort of wanders, you see.   I intend for this blog to be a collection of my thoughts and ideas, as most people do.  It’s largely inspired by Shamus Young’s blog Twenty Sided Tale.

So, bear with me while I get things set up.  Rather than try to guess what categories I’ll need ahead of time, I’ll add them as I go, meaning that even though I know one of my next posts will be on Xnapid, and none of you know what Xnapid is, I’m probably not going to add the Xnapid category until I write that post.

I’ll also spend some time looking for a theme that’s appropriate.  I like Shamus’ theme, but I can’t just steal it without looking pathetic… in any case, I’ll definitely be looking for something that has the same spirit behind it.

Finally, I’ll be copying some of my posts from my Xnapid “blog” here for convenience.  (And because it makes it look like the blog has been around longer than it has ;))

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